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Frankie Noone is a self-confessed obsessor of the magic of makeup! So much so that she has made a business from it and has become an Instagram influencer. She founded the Makeup By Frankie Studio ★ in Heywood and heads up a team of talented makeup artists and beauticians. And that’s not all, she also has her own fabulous brand of makeup brushes FrankieBrush as well as her extremely busy Bridal By Frankie sub-brand. So when Frankie reached out to chat about rebranding her makeup businesses you can most likely imagine how bloody thrilled I was!

Logo, Sub Brand Logo, Icon, Colour Palette, Font Selection, Canva Social Media Templates, Brand Guidelines, Business Stationery and Brand Product Packaging

Makeup By Frankie, FrankieBrush and Bridal By Frankie

Heywood, Greater Manchester

I was absolutely & completely flattered that Frankie had got in touch with me and was SO excited about the opportunity to work with her. I’d been following her for a while after Caroline Boardman had been chatting about how amazing Frankie is.

Frankie had asked for more details on my branding packages. I whizzed them over so she could have a read-through in her own time. She was in the middle of wedding season and was also at the beginning of planning a huge refurb of her makeup studio. It was the perfect timing to start looking at giving the brand a fresh new look.

After sending all the info over we had a chat and decided to get cracking on a rebrand for Makeup By Frankie and FrankieBrush. The two brands go hand in hand, it needed to reflect her business, give a nod to the existing brand, and also have a fresh new professional look.

I work with all of my clients on a strategic process to ensure we create a dream brand that not only reflects the business, but also its personality, your personality, and attracts dream clients.

To do all of this we do lots of research and create a feel-good brand that is easy to navigate and use consistently.

Frankie and I worked together to create a beautiful master brand (Makeup By Frankie) along with complimentary sub-brands (FrankieBrush and Bridal By Frankie). Once she received shiny new brand she felt so excited to get the refurb completed, reopen the studio, and take the next steps in her business adventure! She has already expanded her studio & team, had an amazing launch party, and recently was invited to host a live makeup session in Selfridges!

“It has honestly been such a pleasure, you are very talented, and you’ve helped so much at every step. Thank you so much!” – Frankie Noone

What did Frankie end up with as part of our time working together?

Logo, Sub-logo, Star Icon, Colours, Fonts, Brand Guidelines, Social Media Templates, Stationery and Packaging, and all the necessary files to use for print, digital, and embroidery.

If you or any of your biz friends are thinking of a rebrand and fancy a chat please feel free to email me 👉 I offer free Zoom brews to go through the branding process with you and show you how exciting it can be 🤩

“❤️ You have been (and continue to be) amazing! 😍. Loved working with you so much. I feel like you’ll be so proud of my @frankiebrush insta right now! 🤩🥂

Frankie Noone
Makeup By Frankie  |  FrankieBrush  |  Bridal By Frankie

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