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Annabelle like me, is from Stockport, our paths had crossed a few times and we get on really well! She’d first set up her business Mutha Collective to help businesses (like mine and many others) get the best from their marketing. And like all businesses, we evolve. Annabelle decided to step into what she loves most about marketing, creating copy for creatives that helps them sell as well as sounding like themselves – and not some weird corporate sales pitch. This is when Fresh Copy was born.

Logo, Colour Palette, Font Selection, Canva Social Media Templates, Brand Guidelines and Website Design

Fresh Copy

Stockport, Greater Manchester

When Annabelle decided to niche she also realised that she needed to step her game up and get things done properly. She’d botched together her previous brand herself and wanted to focus on the copy side of things, really bring out her personality, and direct her brand to her target audience.

We got together for a Zoom brew and I chatted through the options of what we could do to take her brand to the next level, either my Logo Package or a complete Brand Blueprint was what I recommended. She decided to go for the Brand Blueprint, this is where we go right back to the beginning, we take a look at the brand’s soul, who she would serve, why she was doing it, what the transformation would be for her clients and ideas for how she could market herself. All of this as well as a complete rebrand for the business.

Before any designs even start to enter our heads we made a start on our weekly sessions for 6 weeks. These sessions are in place to really get to the core of the business, to build a foundation for the brand to begin it’s marketing and to also make the important decisions on what the brand should look like and where it can be marketed.

Our sessions were great, and really relaxed, with even a bit of breakfast and a brew included whilst getting down to the nitty-gritty of the brand. We delved straight into Annabelle’s story, how it all began and where it’s going. We researched competitors and peers, her audience, her brand promise, her core values & purpose, her focus & mission, her customer journey, and core marketing themes. It sounds like a lot and can seem quite scary but there was plenty of support, laughs, and chatting honestly about what the brand should and should not be.

After hours sessions we were really clear on the strategy of the brand and its passions. We swiftly moved onto the creative process – designing a new brand for Fresh Copy!

It is such a gorgeous process, looking at loads of ideas & inspiration, creating concepts, bringing in colour palettes and patterns, then bringing it all to life with a gorgeous new logo and social media templates. Everything became really clear and had complete clarity. We chatted through the final designs to make sure Annabelle was comfortable taking control of the brand.

Once everything was complete we decided to celebrate with a good old brunch in Stockport! Who doesn’t love brunch? We didn’t just chat about the brand, we talked about all sorts, this is what I love about my clients & my business. Who needs boring networking when you can make actual real-life friends who have the same outlook on life & business?!

Not long into our chat, we talked about Fresh Copy’s website, which is a really exciting part of the rebrand! Although it can often be really scary too. But as she’s an actual pro at copywriting she had written the text for her site but needed some help implementing the brand. She also wanted to focus her precious time on her clients so I offered to step in and help design her website using Squarespace. This is the second client website I have created and what a transformation it was! We took a white blank space and turned it into something beautiful, something creative, eye-catching and that was just Fresh!

After a few revisions, Annabelle signed off the website and made it live!

‘Thanks so much. LOVE it!”

Not only did Annabelle invest in her rebrand but she also went on a snazzy brand photoshoot with Emma Boyle, a personal brand photographer based in Manchester. They met in Stockport and took some gorgeous pics! You can see them here on the new Fresh Copy website!

If you’re a passion-led creative looking for help with effective copy that sells, doesn’t feel gross, and helps you find the right words to say Fresh Copy is absolutely for you!

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