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Attract dream clients with feel good brand design.

Creative founder, let's boost your brand and make it fly.

Your DIY brand design may have served you well. But your business has evolved and things don’t fit the way they used to.

If you plan to raise your prices and attract more clients, then now is the time to take your brand to the next level.

I created my Logo Design and Brand Blueprint packages to guide, excite and inspire you! 

Dream clients are just the cherry on top.

It doesn't have to be hard

Design and branding can feel overwhelming.

Colour palettes, fonts, logo design, copywriting, illustration, photography. It’s a lot to consider. And that’s before we’ve put together a killer offer…

But don’t stress, most people need help with this stuff.

It’s a lot to think about, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

Actually, it’s so exciting you might wee your pants!

*passes spare knickers*


Hey, I'm Amy

I’m a brand designer. I help businesses, like yours, create an identity that makes you look like a real business.

It can be hard starting a business and comparing yourself to others.

So I step in and help you realise that your business is brilliant and you can take it where ever you want.

+  I specialise in brand creation with strategic thinking.

+  I create brands that look the real deal.

+  I helping you get out there and attract dream clients.

+  I help you take the next steps to elevate your business.

Work with me


your heart & soul


your foundations

Social Media Templates

your presence

“I can’t recommend Amy enough. Not only is she efficient and professional, she has the ability to listen to your brief and deliver results far beyond what you expected. Amy has an amazing eye for detail, and picks up on small nuances and then carries them throughout your branding. She has helped our business feel like a ‘real business’! I use her for all our creative needs!”

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Effie Dower & Sophie Swallow
Sleep Thief

“Honestly I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this company is! Amy has done everything I have imagined and more and made it 100x better! It’s everything I could of hoped for and more! She’s really understood the look and vibe I was going for and catered to all of my needs, adjustments and added last bits! I am so grateful”

Five Stars White

Rebecca Datkin
The LOA Box

“Amy is amazing at what she does!!!

I met Amy, first online in a Facebook Group and then in real life in early 2020 at a Found and Flourish networking event in Manchester. About 2 seconds after meeting her, I knew that I wanted to work with her. She is down to earth, straight-forward and a genuinely happy person. All of these traits make her an absolute pleasure to work with!

Amy is a graphic designer and specialises in branding. I had already had a logo professionally designed, which I love but wanted some templates that I could use on social media to consolidate and develop my brand.

Amy created some bespoke templates for me and I absolutely love them.”

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Caroline Boardman
Caroline Boardman Consulting

Take the next steps

You want to elevate your brand and align it with exactly what you offer but you’re now sure how.

Here is your invite to book a call a branding call with me.


My clients are better than yours!

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