Brand Blueprint


Every great brand needs a blueprint

Your DIY brand has served you well.

It got you out there. People got to know you. It brought you clients.

But that brand you threw together over your lunch break in 2012. That’s not the one you want to show-off now, is it?

If you plan to raise your prices (and you should) and attract better clients (and you should) then now is the time to elevate your brand.

Throw that sketchy logo in the sea, because you, my friend, have evolved.

Your brand is the heart and soul of your business. 

We all love a pretty logo. But if you’ve no clue who it’s for, then your messaging is missing the spot.

Design isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about creating an identity that is the essence of your brand.

It’s about how well you communicate your message, how people interact with you, how you make them feel.

Why does it matter? Mixed messages are easy to ignore.

And your brand is the heart and soul of your business.

It’s why people choose you.

It’s why they come back.


What’s better than new clients?

It’s great to find new clients, to nurture existing relationships. It’s also dead satisfying to deliver work to delighted people.

But do you know what’s just as good?

✌️Articulating what you do so people can opt-in (or out) quickly.

✌️Knowing what you offer. Chuck those ‘sucky’ services in the bin.

✌️Loving your work because your clients are ‘your’ people.

✌️Gaining referrals from your fave client (to someone just as cool).

✌️Feeling inspired by your projects, because they matter to you.

✌️Converting faster because you cut through a sea of sameness.

✌️Hearing people say ‘Your brand is just like you’.

Lorna runs a fantastic communications agency. She shared this with me:

Working with Amy has been a joy. It was such a big step for me to start my own company and to then bring that to life in a brand sense was as scary as it was exciting.

I spoke to quite a few agencies before I was introduced to Amy and I didn’t progress with any of them as I just felt that I was a small fish in their pond and they didn’t really listen to me! Amy on the other hand cared from the beginning and was genuinely interested in my business. She listened to what I was saying, made sense of my thoughts and put them into a brand that looked and felt exactly how I hoped it would.

She was creative, timely and really lovely to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.

Five Stars White

Lorna O’Neill, Founder of Surge Communications


Fancy a peek at the process?

The Brand Blueprint

When I create your Brand Blueprint, there are two phases, strategy and design.

I know. Everyone wants to jump to the sexy design bit. But I promise, your strategy sessions are the backbone of alllll of this.

Phase 1

+ Brand Discovery

+ Your Brand Promise

+ Brand Core Values

+ Brand Focus Workshop

+ Core Marketing Themes

+ Customer Journey

Phase 2

+ Competitor Research

+ Ideas and Inspiration

+ Concepts and Tweaks

+ Final Logo Design

+ Social Media Graphics

+ Brand Blueprint & Brand Design


There’s loads more I could share (click here for ideas and a zoom brew) but you’ve probably already guessed it.

Great brands don’t happen by accident.


Turn followers into clients

Sometimes simplicity evades you.

Or you can’t find the confidence or the clarity. 

But you do know all the answers. 

We just need to pull those ideas out of your head and turn them into something tangible. Something irresistible.

By the time we’re done, you’ll be bursting with creativity and passion (oo-er) to bring your brand to the world,

A brand that not only stands the test of time, but looks bloody amazing.

“When working with Amy I knew that I needed to change how I presented and spoke about my business, my services had evolved and my brand didn’t match up anymore.

I now have a logo and brand guidelines that really reflect who I am, who the business is and the feeling that you have when working with me. I’ve applied these through my website too and it really has brought everything together in a cohesive way. Not only can I express what I do more clearly, you feel it when you look at my branding.

Some designers seem to use a template (sometimes unconsciously) and try to squeeze businesses into that. I’d checked your socials and samples (like I did with other designers) and saw you delivered really high quality finished branding along with a wide variety of styles.

I love my new brand, it’s much more me as well as being much more aligned to my services.”

Five Stars White

Jessica Adams, Success and Leadership Coach


This is your invitation to email me and have a chat about your Brand Blueprint.

End Results

+ Brand blueprint

+ Logo design

+ Colour palette

+ Font selection

+ Social media kit


12-14 weeks


Payment plans available



If it tickles your fancy and you want to know more book in a 15 min Zoom call and lets chat.