EJ Trivett

Brand Design

EJ first approached me in 2020 as a brand spanking new business. With experience working within organisations and knowing all about branding she was aware of how much harder it can be to rebrand than it is to create a new brand.  She was also aware of the expense branding can be with large design agencies and organisations and with having a budget in mind she wanted to spend it wisely. We arrange a chat to decide exactly what she would need to help get her new business visible.

Brand Design,
Logo Design, Font Choice, Colour Palette,
Social Media Graphics, Canva Templates

EJ Trivett, The Creative People’s Coach

Manchester, UK

With a MASSIVE brain of knowledge in the creative industries, EJ was launching a coaching business, specialising in helping creative professionals be sustainably successful without selling their soul.

As we are both from similar industries and the same town we hit it off within our first call.

We decided to get the base of her brand created first; a logo with colours and fonts. EJ knew exactly what kind of look & feel she wanted to go for so we worked together created ideas and inspiration mood boards to give a design direction before creating any concepts.

Mood boards are a brilliant way to get started with logo design as you can also throw in some wild cards, which is exactly what we did with EJ… and she ended up loving it.

“OMG, I’m honestly so excited by this process. Looks fab.”

The branding was starting to take shape and after some brilliant concepts and carefully thought out colour palette decisions we had produced a new brand; EJ Trivett Coaching.

“This has been an absolute pleasure, I’ve loved the process.” 

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