Logo Design

The foundation of your brand and a face for your business.

You’re just not sure where to start but you do know that you want a professional logo that tells your ideal clients exactly what you do whilst giving them a pinch of your personality.

You need help pin pointing exactly what your brand should look like.

It’s really hard trying to do this alone, with no one to be accountable to.

You also haven’t got them time to be messing about trying to DIY something that you know just won’t look like you imagined.

That’s where I step in.

Logo Design

I take you through my proven 6 stage branding process that strips everything back and looks at:

+ Your brand story

+ Your personality

+ Who you are and what you do

+ Your ideal clients

+ Where you see yourself in the future

We also look at loads of other research, like your competitors. We discover ways that you can stand out from the crowd and really show people how you can make a transformation with your services.

My 6 stage design process is well organised, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up or hitting deadlines. It’s an easy going and well planned branding journey. I’ve done it many times before, so you’re in safe hands.

Amy’s process is watertight. Her clear, supportive and strategic journey got me a million miles from where I thought I wanted to be, and delivered me a result that IS me. More me, than I even saw myself!

Ej Trivett, The Creative People’s Coach

Final Logo Design Deliverables:

+ Logo Design

+ Colourway Logos

+ Colours

+ Fonts

+ Mini Brand Guidelines

+ Digital & Print Files

Logo Design

You’re Invited

This is your invitation to send me an email and book in a chat about your logo.

Especially if you’ve got any other burning questions and want to get cracking with your shiny new brand.

Email me today and arrange a call (with a brew of course!)

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Design Add-Ons

We can also discuss any additional brand items you might need. A bit like a pick ‘n’ mix!