Can brand design transform your business?
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Can brand design transform your business?

Can brand design transform your business?

Branding is all about perception, it’s what people think about you when you’re not around. You might not think you have a brand but chances are, if you’re putting yourself out there whether you’re online (with a website or social media), in person (at networking) or with a shop front, then my friend, you have a brand.

So how do you take control of this perception, this feeling that people have about your business? Well by taking control of your branding. It’s all about being seen and heard the way you want to be. Not having a brand leaves this perception of your business down to your audience.

There are so many variations of branding. You can control your branding with brand design, brand strategy, tone of voice, brand photography, illustrations, marketing, and so much more.

Can brand design transform your business?

I am an expert in brand design and brand strategy so I can let you in on how brand design can transform your business. Brand design can help you:

  • control the feeling your audience has when they think of your business
  • start and tap into conversations
  • tell people what you do and why you do it
  • attract the people you want to work with
  • allow you to be visible using strategy
  • make your business memorable

Here are my 5 basics you need to get going with a strong brand design:

1. Business Name

Something easy to say, rolls off the tongue, easy to remember and easy to spell

2. Logo

To be more specific, a strategically designed logo. One that has considered your competitors, your peers, your values and your mission.

3. Fonts

A font that’s legible, that represents your vibe, your personality and that can be paired with another font that complements it.

4. Colours

Colour physiology is an amazing thing, knowing your values and how you want your brand to make people feel can all be done with the colours you use.

5. Brand Guidelines

What are these! You probably think you don’t need these but you do. I see businesses all the time using different fonts, different colours, different design layouts, different logos and icons. Having no consistency in your branding makes your business unrecognisable and not memorable at all. Brand guidelines can put a stop to this and get you a set of rules to keep your brand looking spot on. Every. Time.

Office Magazine Business Card
Can brand design transform your business?
Brand design for Office Magazine created by Amy Manning Brand Design

These basics of brand design can really transform your business. I’ll get onto that shortly but before I do, here are 3 ways you can create a brand:

1. DIY

Do it yourself. Get on Canva, PowerPoint, sketching where ever is best for you and your budget, and start creating your brand.

2. Templates

Yes, you can get a logo template and edit it to add your business name, colours, and fonts! Check out online markets like Creative Market and Etsy.

3. Invest in a brand designer

Talk to a design expert (like me) or ask the owners of brands you love for recommendations. A brand designer can save you loads of time trying to create something yourself. You’ll also have complete ownership and copyright to some amazing unique & bespoke designs! You’ll be able to trademark them too – something Canva and templates don’t offer.

So how can brand design transform your business?

Confidence Boost

Having a logo and a brand that you love can make you feel confident in your business. You’ll want to tell everyone about it, potential clients, mates, family, and even Bob down the road.

Feel like a real business

Stop feeling like you need to tell your mum that “OMG my business is real, I’m not just doing it for a laugh!” – Your new logo can do that for you! Then she’ll start telling everyone, including Bob down the road.

Look professional & trustworthy

I’ve always said that if you don’t invest in your business then why would clients want to invest in you? By looking totally professional and trustworthy you’re more likely to bring on clients. They believe in you and that YOU can help them. Now Bob down the road is giving you a bell because your mum showed him your new logo and he needs you!

Having a real brand that has been strategically created can boost your business in numerous ways and these 👆are just a few. Combined together just imagine what these transformations can achieve! You build that ‘know, like and trust’ factor, you get cheerleaders who start to recommend you all the time, you gain loyalty from existing clients and all of this has a knock-on effect on boosting your confidence, even more, getting you seen and growing your business.

If you would like to chat about branding or rebranding your business then let’s have a chat and see if it would be right for you. Just fill in the contact form below.