How much does brand design cost?
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How much does brand design cost?

Brand design cost, like most things can vary. Here are my 5 factors that come into play:

  • How much experience your brand designer has.
  • The quality of their work.
  • How does the designer create the designs (Professional with Adobe CC or amateur with Canva, Fiver etc).
  • Is strategy involved?
  • How many visual graphics do you need, e.g. is it just a logo or do you need a slide deck, brochure, stationery, social media graphics etc.
McDonalds Vs 5* Michelin Restaurant

Brand Design Costs Explained

Let’s think of it as grabbing some fast food VS going to a 5* Michelin restaurant. If you’re going to McDonald’s your most likely going because you need it fast, your hungry and its cheap. It fills a hole. It’s not always amazing (my husband refuses to eat it!) but its food. And if it is a bit crap you haven’t really broken the bank by getting a burger.

Now, the 5* Michelin restaurant. You booked it a while back, its going to be really special, you’ve got your best outfit on ready to go. You get there and everything is lovely, the service is brilliant, your table is set, your wine choice goes with the meal, the food is stunning and delicious. Yes its obvs more than a Macy’s but its worth it. You’ve had an experience, made a memory, you’ll be telling your friends and family about it. Well this is a bit like the difference between getting a cheap logo design and investing into a strategic brand identity.

The cheap logo design is probably going to take less than a day, maybe even only an hour or two. But it’s low cost, you need one and it’s getting the job done.. For now. But what if you get it and you don’t like it? Will that designer create another logo, and another, and another until, maybe you’re happy with it? Then will you change it in 6 months because you’re not 100% happy with it? Then you’re clients will wonder what on earth is going on because you’re logo is changing so much… you’ll become less memorable, less trustworthy and not very professional.

Or you know what, it might just work out alright and you love it – but that’s the gamble you’re taking!

Then there is the 5* Michelin experience. You could invest in a strategic brand designer, where every detail is thought of and the brand is created based on your businesses services, personality and values. The process is well planned and your kept in the loop at every stage to ensure you love the final outcome.

The branding process will take a lot longer than a cheap logo but that gives room for more creative thought and freedom. It’s obviously going to cost a lot more than a McDonalds, and it’s going to leave more of a mark then a McDonalds because it’s a true experience, a unique creation and if you send it back to the chef they will happily sort it out and ensure your order is created to the highest standards – not just slapped on a burger bun.

So to summarise your brand & logo design cost can be as cheap as you like, you can DIY it for free using online tools like Canva, you could buy a template from Creative Market, you could get a designer from Fiver to fire one out, or you could speak to a brand design expert who specialises in logo and brand creation. It all just depends on the achievement you want in your business, do you want your business to look professional & established? Do you understand the value of design? Do you want to take your business to the next level?

If the answer to those questions is a big fat yes then it could be time to invest in some brand help.