A photograph of an open book (Michael Johnson;s Branding book). The page is open on the introduction page to brand strategy and narrative. It reads: 'Strategy and Narrative. There is a lot of theory bluff and bluster about this step. And some of it may leave you scratching your head at times. But understanding it is vital to a project’s success. Brands across the world are discovering that their overall strategic and verbal approach is what glues them together and drives who, and what they really are…- Michael Johnson, Branding.
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Brand Strategy Vs Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy Vs Marketing Strategy

Your business’s brand is more than just a logo. You should consider not only how it looks consistently with colours and fonts but also how your audience feels about your brand, how it presents itself, and how your business will stand out from its competitors. There is no magic recipe or secret sauce to getting clients to buy from you. But there is a plan and framework to create a perception of your business, which if done well and presented correctly will help you attract dream clients. This is called a brand strategy.

So, what plan do you go for? A Brand Strategy or Marketing Strategy?

I believe that to have a well-crafted marketing strategy you need to delve into the business’s soul and really discover its passion and purpose before jumping straight in and trying to sell it.

A brand strategy asks the correct questions and creates conversations to create clarity around your business, what makes it different, and how you build customer loyalty.

Together with my clients, we look at:

+ Your Brand Discovery
+ Your Brand Promise
+ Your Values & Purpose
+ Brand Focus Workshop
+ Core Marketing Themes
+ Customer Journey

Why does it matter?

Your brand is the heart and soul of your business. It’s why people choose you. It’s why they come back.
When I create your Brand Blueprint, there are two phases, strategy and design. Giving you a complete look AND feel for your business.

Once you have a strong foundation, a strong brand strategy, a strong visual brand, and understand the mission & beliefs of your business, then you are able to go all in, full force, and attract dream clients to you!

If you’re thinking of taking the leap to create a brand strategy along with a new visual identity for your business I have just the thing to help! My Brand Blueprint package is a strategic journey of 6 x 1:1 strategy sessions PLUS everything in the Brand Design package. Together we will build clarity around your business & marketing with a fresh new look and feel!.

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