7 questions to ask yourself when you’re considering rebranding your business
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7 questions to ask when you’re considering rebranding

I often get enquires from potential clients who are considering rebranding their business.

The most common causes for consideration are:

  • They cobbled their branding together quite a few years ago and it just doesn’t feel professional
  • They DIY’d their brand to look really corporate but actually they offer a more personable service
  • They started out as a small business and are now growing, taking on more clients and employees
  • Their branding just doesn’t resonate with what they now offer, so they want to step up their game and create an identity that looks really professional and attracts dream clients.

Sound familiar? You could be thinking something similar or even the same but you’re still wondering whether investing in branding is actually worth it.

7 questions to ask yourself when you consider rebranding your business

Here are 7 questions to help you when you’re considering rebranding your business:

1. Does you brand tell your story?

Is your brand singing to your clients? Does it tell them what you do, your personality, style and vibe? Would they like to work with you or could they quite easily move on to your competitor? Does it draw people in, wanting to learn more?

2. Is your brand memorable?

This might be one to ask your clients, but do they know what your logo is? Do they remember your brand colours? Is your logo overly complicated? Is your business name easy to say?

3. Is your brand easy to use?

Do you spend 5000 hours on Canva trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t for your brand? Do you know what fonts and colours you should be using to keep everything consistent? Is it really difficult to convert your brand from slide deck to social media post to your website?

4. Do you love your brand?

Can it be improved? Are you sick of the sight of it? Is something just not quite right?

5. Are you charging what your services are worth?

Do you feel your brand is to amateur and can’t be taken seriously for the prices you would love to start charging?

6. Are you taking enquires from ideal clients?

Is any old sod giving you a call to see if you’re able to help them out, do it for free, do something you don’t really offer as a service? Would you prefer to start chatting to the people who love you and will invest with you doing exactly what it is you love?

7. Is your brand easy to understand?

Do you get it? Do your clients get it? Are potential clients calling and asking for something else?

If the answer to any or more than 1 of these questions is no then its highly likely you’re ready for a rebrand. And to make things a little easier I’m going to tell you some reasons why a rebranding would be amazing for your business.

7 reasons a rebrand would work wonders for your business

7 reasons a rebrand would work wonders for your business

1. It tells your story

There a millions of businesses all over the world, some are product based whilst others are service based. And you can guarantee there will be someone selling the same thing as you. But we don’t want to sell that product or service. We want to sell your why. Not your profit why, not because you hate being employed, not because your doing it for your kids. Your clients want to know what you believe it.

Take Apple for example, they sell computers, just like Dell. They also sell mobile phones, music, ear phones and much more. But would you want to buy music from Dell? No – they are a tech computer company. But so is Apple. That’s because Apple sell their why. Watch this video below it will blow your mind…

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

2. A good brand is memorable

Because no one wants to be forgotten right?! A professional brand can keep things cleverly simple so that your clients recognise you in an instant, even if they are on the scroll of doom on Insta.

3. Your brand is a dream to work with

Having a complete rebrand means you can start from scratch. A branding expert (like me) can come in and create a whole new level of simplicity. You will have a logo in different colours to use on specific backgrounds as well as a designated font and colour palette.

You can ever take it a step further and have graphic templates created so all you have to do is add in your content. Say good bye to endless hours on Canva.

4. You love your new brand

How good is that?! You love it so much you want to shout it from the roof tops, so you do. You tell everyone on Facebook, LinkedIn, InstagramInstagram. You start getting business cards made and dish them out, you get post cards printed, you get a fancy pants new website and before you know it you’re a marketing whizz and the world starts to take notice of your business

5. Start putting up your prices

Do it, your worth it. Your services are worth it. When you invest into your business it shows. People can see that you take things seriously, you can be trusted and you’re an established business so they will start to invest in you.

6. Dream clients become a reality

When you match your values with your dream clients and bring this into the way your business looks, feels, acts and talks then you will start to attract your kinda people. Its like meeting your best friend for the first time and before you know it you’ve hit it off.

7. People get you

A brand with clarity is easy to understand. Its easy for you and its easy for everyone else. A new brand can help you get that clarity and once you have it your audience will know if your services are right for them and if they should recommend you to others.

You will often find that if businesses invest in themselves with have an audience who want to invest with them too.

If you value what you have to offer, stand tall and confident and show it to the world then people will believe in you. The need for your services will become a want. The ‘know, like and trust’ will turn into recommendations. Your well designed brand will be an established and professional business.

If you’re considering rebranding your business and are still have some questions please get in touch and lets have a chat. Sometimes its not always right to rebrand, but sometimes it can truly help your business flourish.